What is the Quran about?

When it comes to addressing the question “WHAT IS THE QURAN ABOUT?”, the multitudinous number of answers are being taken into consideration to be able to tackle and answer such a question. This specific question, “what is the Quran about” hides a considerable quantity of detailed information all are entailed within this question.

To begin with, the Quran is the holy book of Islam which is written and created by the Almighty God to be the book that draws the righteous people to the right, straight path to heaven. Apparently, the Quran is the guide containing all that we need for the right path.

Consequently, the Quran is about discussing every single detail that a human brain could imagine, for instance, how to build your character and personality to be a better person, including the details and the description of those people who can withstand all the obstacles and barricades which god examines his worshippers through them. Adding to that, the way people can, daily, communicate with each other, their manners, in other words. To elaborate, worshippers of God should always speak in a good, respectful way and avoid gossiping. One should not speak in a bad way to his brother or to her sister since God created us all equal and even worshippers of Almighty god. Another example of such thankful manners, is the people who are patient to god’s will, patiently waiting and trusting god’s well behind every barricade or a rough situation in life.

Not only does this holy book contain such content for Muslim characteristics, but also, mentions the miraculous ability of god that we witness in his creations. The tiniest cell to the greatest planet in the galaxy, are all mentioned in the Quran, to allow people to admire and contemplate such creation and ameliorate our faith in him and his creation since we are not created in vain. To exemplify, the thousands, or even millions of stars that are found in our Milky Way galaxy or the other existing galaxies. The black hole, which was recently discovered, has already been mentioned in the Quran, thousand years ago!

Although Islam is the religion of peace, the Quran also talks about the rules and regulations of wars. Warriors and soldiers are prohibited, in the Quran, to kill an old man or a woman neither a child nor even cut a tree! Murdering, adultery, stealing, and any other crime are mentioned in the Quran to be “haram” and prohibited by God in the Quran, and for the one doing this shall be punished, however, every action has its own punishment. That indicates the number of intricate details the holy Quran beholds within it.

Have you ever wondered how life was before we were born or created? Like thousands of years ago before our grand, grandparents? Well, another thing god mentions in the Quran is the story of an entirely different people with different circumstances unlike ours! Simply, the time of the previous prophets, or in other words “Rosol”. Starting from Adam, the first and foremost of the human creations till prophet Mohamed, “peace be upon him”.

Allah starts to recite the story of completely different folks, people who can live up to 1000 years, people who can take mountains as their homes, people who are physical can be thrice or even more than our sizes now such as “people of “kawm” Aad”. Not even close to our shapes and dimensions as human beings, earth previously was inhabited by different people and we got to know their nature of characteristics as humans, their way of living, and they used to live and what they chose to believe when it comes to faith and believing in god.

Prophets spent up to 950 years trying to direct people to the right path such as the prophet “Nooh” or “Noah”. Imagine that the entire 950 years are designated for people to follow the correct path! The Quran is designed and created by God to enlighten us by all what we need to live a contemplating life, understanding his wisdom in every single creation.

To wrap it up, the Quran is about every intricate detail in life starting from the day to day situations between humans and how to deal with them, till the toughest decisions in crimes and also how to deal with them, including our previous ancestors and the history of the humanity since the early beginning.

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