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What are the channels to apply at Qurany online?

Qurany online institute has many channels to apply through:

Qurany Website:

Qurany Facebook Page:

 Qurany Contact No

WhatsApp: +201011118024

Qurany Email:


You can register through any of the above channels.

What is the admission process?

1- Apply through one of the previously mentioned channels

2- Then your registration  form will be received and one of our professionals will contact you for a placement test

3- A suitable private teacher will be assigned to you according to the student’s level

4- We are available 24/7 so any class timing the student will select, Qurany will be ready

What is the placement test exactly?

It is a test conducted by one of our professionals, the purpose of the test is to evaluate the student level in the course that she/he applied in, to be able to assign the suitable teacher for the students.

Can my registration get rejected based on my placement test results?

It isn’t a test for acceptance, its main purpose is to evaluate your skill to assign the best teacher for your current skill level. It’s one of the methods that we use to provide you the best service from our side.

What if I did the placement test and wanted to pause then, I will resume after a while?

Your registration and placement test’s forms will be reserved until you notify us again to continue your learning journey.

What are the benefits that I’ll get if I choose to learn with Qurany Online?

Our students enjoy some benefits, such as :

1- 24/7 flexible schedule

2- 24/7 support

3- Certified Tutors from Al-Azhar (Males & Females)

4- After each session, we will send you a video that contains a summary of the subjects that were covered during the class in order to allow you to revise whenever needed.

5- You will receive a “Monthly Progress Report”

6- Each student will receive a plan for his/her next month lessons

7- Highly qualified and well-selected teachers that can teach different types of classes

8- Special teaching programs for children

Courses Questions

I am over 40 years old, can I still memorize the holy Quran?

Yes, you still can! Memorization is a skill that can be trained. In our course, we have many educational tools that are compatible with your memorization skill level.

Our courses are designed to match your skills to help you achieve your learning goals.

Can I memorize the Holy Quran with my kids in the same class?

Yes you can, each student will be evaluated before starting his free trials to assign the best private teacher for him/her

So, if you and your kids are at the same level, then you can learn together in the same class.

Is learning the Arabic language really that hard?

The Arabic Language is the language of the Holy Quran, once you have learned how to pronounce the letters with the vowels, it gets easier after that.

We have educational methods that suit our students regardless of their age or skill level, also we concentrate on the practical part of how to read and write in Arabic.

How long would it take to learn the Arabic language?

It depends on your current level , so if you are a beginner , it would take around 6-9 months to learn the letters and its vowls, and start reading sentences in Arabic properly.

Can I only choose to learn the Arabic language without learning Quran?

Yes, you can learn Arabic language only since it is a stand-alone course. And we have a course designed for students of different levels.

Why should I learn the Arabic language?

1- The Arabic language is one of the most spoken languages in the world.
2- It is the language of the Holy Quran

Why I should take Nour el bayan course?

Nour Elbayan reading rules is a course designed to mix between learning the reading skills of both Arabic and Quran.
It is a preparation course for Quran recitation, So if you would like to learn the reading skills of the classical Arabic language, then you should take this course. The same applies if you want to learn Quran Recitation.

Are you following a certain School in Islamic studies?

We are following the Quran and Sunnah only. No specific school.

How could I benefit from this course in my daily life?

In Islamic studies course, you will learn how to live as a Muslim, how to deal with other cultures and religions.

Akeda section will strengthen your relation with Allah, Prophets stories will strengthen your Iman Also Fiqh will teach you the rules you can live with. So in general, your life will be affected positively with this course.

Class Organization Questions

What if I would like to change my class time?

Any changes requested by our students should be fulfilled. We have a very flexible schedule.

Can I put my classes on hold for a while then resume it later?

Yes, just notify the responsible department with the period you wish, our recommendation is not to exceed a month in order to keep the skills you gained from your course.

Can I request to change my tutor if I have comments on him/her?

Yes, sure you can. In this case, we would be very interested to know your feedback about your teacher and if there is anything that we can do to avoid it in the future.

Can I join more than one course at the same time?

Any Student can join more than one course at the same time. We will recommend the best subscription package for you.

Technical Inquiries 

Which application do you use to teach your class?

Generally, we can use any application if it suits our student/s, but we have found that Zoom is the most stable application so far with no complaints from our students or teachers.

What if I ran into any issues during class? Who should I refer to?

You can refer back to the responsible department which you will take its number to handle all your inquiries. You can Email us at if you run into any technical issue.


How can I pay for my classes?

You can pay through PayPal
We believe that this is the most convenient and secure payment method after running a survey, most of our students prefer to use Paypal as their payment method.

Still need help? Send us a note!

For any other questions, please write to us at or WhatsApp on +201011118024



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