When was the Quran written?

Every book has its date of publishing, however, questions arise when it comes to knowing when was the Quran written. Every book has its history of writing, multiple previous edits, and editions, yet the Quran is the only book of all eras and all times that have been written only once while the specific date of the ‘release’ of such book has some undergoing discussions. The question “When was the Quran written?” carries tons of details.
The Quran is the holy book of Islam, yet, since when it is present in such form, a hard copy, and when was it written?

The soft copy of the holy book:

In general, Allah mentioned that the Quran was written and was delivered to the messenger of the entire universe prophet Mohammed during Ramadan, in the verse that says, “The month of Ramadan is that in which was revealed the Quran, a guidance for the people and clear proofs of guidance and criterion” in soret AlBaqarah, when Prophet Mohammed was ready to receive such heavy responsibility, as Allah mentioned in the Quran, in soret “Almozamel”, “Indeed we will cast upon you a heavy word”.

Another specific “Date”:

The Quran has endured many circumstances that endangered it accuracy and existence in the rightful form. However, when it comes to acknowledging when the Quran is precisely written, verses in the Quran itself start to reveal the mysteries. One of the verses where Allah mentions that the Quran was descended from the seventh sky, “Indeed, we sent it down during the night of Decree”. So, the Quran is descended in the Night of Decree or in other words, in soret “AlQadr”. Elaborating this verse, God expresses the time when the Quran was ready to be revealed to Prophet Mohammed, Peace be upon him, to be able to announce it for the rest of the entire world of Muslims and non-Muslims to be the book of Guidance for the whole world.

After the descent:

Allah prepped Prophet Mohammed to be the messenger, the carrier of such heavy, dense and colossal responsibility to be able to study and recite the whole Quran without being recorded or written as a hardcopy. After multitudinous struggles due to the death and presence of an increasing number of martyrs of the Quran reciters who were along with Prophet Mohammed, the idea of writing the Quran down has started to appeal for the “Sahabah” especially after the prophet’s death.
The Quran is protected and secured by God’s will, is, however, is endangered due to death of many reciters.

When was the Quran written?

To be precise, the Quran is always present within the day-to-day situations from the very early beginning of Islam as the book of Guidance to all Muslims, nevertheless, the forms of the existence of the Quran differed. The soft copy was mainly present during the presence of the reciters along with Prophet Mohammed, while the hard copy started during the “Sahabah” time.
So before the Quran was present on papers as a book, it was present in Muslim’s minds and engraved in their memories, actions, and most essentially, manners.

The Hard copy:

Ample pros can be found and discovered due to the presence of the hardcopy of the Quran for our generation and our era when we need an accurate, significant, and more vitally, doubt-proof curriculum for people to follow. Since it is protected by the Almighty God, this Holy book of Islam is the only book present that may be taken for granted by some Muslims, yet, holds the treasure for every single detail. If you want to know how to be a better person with a better personality, successful, one of the people who pursue heaven, then the Quran is the Curriculum to follow.

To conclude:

The Quran was present initially as the engine for people during the Prophet Mohammed time, existing in every miniature of detail in the routine, yet the barricades the holy book encountered made it available in its form now so it was because of those struggles that through it God has inspired Muslim to gather it and Sobhan Allah that specific reason made it available for all of us by the will of God and protected till our day now.

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