What Does the Quran Mean?

Judaism has the Gospel book or the “Torah”, Christianity has the Bible or the “Ingil” book, the “Zaboor” is the book of Prophet Dawood and apparently, Islam has the Quran which was descended on Prophet Mohammed. Nonetheless, what does the Quran mean? The content of the Quran or even the word as a whole has a special meaning.
The meaning that the word “Quran” beholds is subdivided into 2 parts, the language part, and the context of the constituent part.

What does the Quran mean? the word “Quran”:

Linguistics in the Arabic language manifests the word Quran into the literal meaning of the being the plural of the word “gather together”. In other words, the Quran contains the gathered words, verses, and orders from Allah to the whole world all collected and conjoined together to form the Quran. Another elaboration of such a word is that this word is the noun of the verb “read” or in Arabic “karaa”. The first word that God has handed over to Prophet Mohammed to learn and study is the word “read” to stress the essentiality of learning. Any type of learning for the path of Allah to be knowledgeable and on the right path shall get the worshipper closer to Allah.

The meaning of the Quran and its content:

Despite the fact that the word “Quran” has ample meanings if we fetched for it, the content contains other variable explanations. The Quran shall be the words and orders of god to all of his Worshippers. The Quran shall be the curriculum of Muslims to live in such “Dunya” or world. The Quran shall be the path to heaven directly. The Quran shall be the book that we learn from to live our lives and earn the greatest reward in life. The Quran shall contain the history of this whole universe, starting from Adam and Eve till the last Prophet of them all, Prophet Mohammed. The Quran shall contain the stories of Prophets we know and gave us the idea of the presence of prophets which used to exist but we don’t know about them as Allah mentions in the Quran “and we have messengers about whom we have related to you before and messengers about whom we have not related to you” in soret Al-Baqarah verse 164.

The Quran shall contain the stories of folks we were not used to knowing about them. It is only the Quran that can contain all of this information that we’re able to explain what was like prior to the creation of the humans by Allah. In some more details, Allah mentions the reason the Quran is sent to Prophet Mohammed referring to the Quran as being the truth bringer and the book of the truth and the warning of the people of the hellfire. As Allah says in his Holy book of Islam, in soret Al-Baqarah, verse 213 “mankind was one religion then Allah the Prophets as bringers of good tidings and warner and sent down with them the scripture in truth to judge between the people”.

Another thing the Quran manifests:

The Quran meaning as content and one of its other constituents are that it is the mercy that God had showered us with to all his worshippers. Mercy is what God offers us after every sin, mistake, or anything that is not correct. The Quran is the miracle itself of Prophet Mohammed, like the fire that did not burn “Ibrahim” or the whale that swallowed “Youness”, the miracle of Mohammed has been the Quran itself which was sent for the entire world. The miracle we can find is in every miniature detail of the Quran, the language, the information, or even the content. The Arabic language is the language of the Quran, has been the path of the scholars and scientists to discover the secrets of the language, its rule and build a whole new aspect of science for the sake of the development of humanity.

To conclude:

In conclusion, the Quran is everything and anything between the miraculous ability of god and being the miracle itself for the Muslims of our era, the Quran is found in every meaning of collecting, including, containing, and conjoining all that is crucial for the survival of the humanity.

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