7 tips for learning Quran for kids

Would you like to teach your kids good morals? Teach them Quran and it will teach them all good morals. The Holy Quran is Allah’s words and His guidance to all humanity, so learning Quran for your kids will be the best thing you have ever done for them. By learning Quran for your kids, you help them to understand their purpose and goal of their life from a very young age which will lead them to the straight path of Allah. Learning Quran for your kids will lighten their minds and hearts and will guarantee them the best life here in dunyā and in the hereafter.

The merits of learning the Quran for your kids:

  •  The prophet emphasized that learning Quran is an indication of goodness. As well as, when you guide your kids and care about teaching them Quran, you will be rewarded as you guide them for doing one of the greatest deeds that Allah loves.
  • One of the good deeds that last after man’s death is having a righteous son and definitely teaching your kids Quran will make them righteous. The Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said, “When a man dies, his deeds come to an end, except for three: A continuous charity, knowledge by which people derive benefit, a pious son who prays for him.”
  • Learning Quran for kids will save them from going astray. As Allah said in Quran ” Surely this Quran guides to what is most upright, and gives good news to the believers—who do good—that they will have a mighty reward.” (19:7)
  • Allah has promised those who learn Quran to be overwhelmed with His tranquillity. As the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said, “Any group of people that assemble in one of the Houses of Allah to recite the Book of Allah, learning and teaching it, tranquillity will descend upon them, mercy will engulf them, angels will surround them and Allah will make mention of them to those (the angels) in His proximity.”

Benefits our kids can get from learning Quran:

  1. Your kids will be considered among the best people when they learn Quran. As the prophet said, ” The best among you is he who learns and teaches the Qur’ān.”
  2. Learning Quran will guarantee for your sons to get a higher status, as the prophet said: “Verily, Allah elevates some people with this Quran and abases others.”
  3. Imagine that your kids are among the people of Allah, what an honor! The prophet said ” Allah has His own people among mankind.’ They said: ‘O Messenger of Allah, who are they?’ He said: ‘The people of the Quran, the people of Allah and those who are closest to Him.”
  4. Learning Quran for your kids enhances their mental abilities and strengthens their memorization.

The impact of learning the Quran for kids:

Recent studies show that teaching the Quran guarantees for kids to be successful and distinguished in the academic field. Also, it enhances their social abilities as they can make friends and good relationships with others. Learning Quran for kids also broadens their horizons and sharpens their wit. As well, it helps them to manage their time perfectly and gives them the spiritual balance to face difficulties. Regarding their language skills, learning Quran will provide them with many vocabularies and will improve their way of speaking as it helps in making them articulate every letter from its articulation point. Quran is also a strong shield to save your kids from the corruption of thoughts, morals, and faith.

Tips for learning Quran for kids effectively:

  1. Make your kid more attached to Quran by making them listen to it daily.
  2. As a parent, be a role model for your kids and recite Quran daily.
  3. Choose the proper time for your kids’ memorization. And it is better to start directly after dawn prayer.
  4. Choose a good and role model teacher to help them love learning Quran.
  5. Buy a copy of the Holy Quran for your kid.
  6. Make your kid memorize daily.
  7. Make them start memorizing the short chapters of the Quran.

In conclusion, be a good parent and start helping your kids to learn Quran, as you are doing a great favor to them and even to yourself. Don’t hesitate to join our Quran classes for kids.


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