Is it important to learn Arabic? And why?

The short answer is yes, it is very important to learn Arabic, and here is why.

The Arabic language is an essential part of Your identity as a Muslim. By learning the Arabic language, you will be able to learn your religion (Islam), perform your prayers properly, and learn monotheism. Also, you will be able to open the Holy Quran and recite it perfectly. And you should take into consideration that the Arabic language is the greatest human language as it is the language of the Holiest book ever (Quran). So give priority to the Arabic language to understand the Holy Quran and start now.

The importance of learning the Arabic language:

  • Learning Arabic is an important means to understand the Holy Quran and the prophet’s sayings (Sunnah).
  • If you are not aware of the Arabic language, you will not be able to understand the moral lessons of the Quranic stories. So it is so important to learn the Arabic language to get to know these useful lessons of previous prophets and previous people that will help you in your life.
  • Learning the Arabic language enhances the progress of the Muslim nation. Arabic is the most eloquent language that can cope with all sciences like engineering, medicine, etc…
  • Learning the Arabic language improves one’s personality to be more civilized and cultivated. The Arabic language has a lot to do with your religion, your morals, and your mind.
  • Learning Arabic guarantees a great reward from Allah as it is considered the main step to understand and be more attached to the Holy Quran.

What has been said about the Arabic language in the Quran?

  1. Allah said “Indeed, we have sent it down as an Arabic Quran so that you may understand” (12:2)
  2. Allah said “And so We have sent it down as an Arabic Quran and varied the warnings in it, so perhaps they will shun evil or it may cause them to be mindful.” (20:113)
  3. Allah said “We have certainly set forth every ˹kind of˺ lesson for people in this Quran, so perhaps they will be mindful.” (39:27)
  4. Allah said “And before this ˹Quran˺ the Book of Moses was ˹revealed as˺ a guide and mercy. And this Book is a confirmation, in the Arabic tongue, to warn those who do wrong and as good news to those who do good.” (46:12)
  5. Allah said “This is certainly a revelation from the Lord of all worlds, which the trustworthy spirit ˹Gabriel˺ brought down. into your heart ˹O Prophet˺—so that you may be one of the warner’s— in a clear Arabic tongue.” (26:192-195)
  6. Allah said “Had We revealed it as a non-Arabic Quran, they would have certainly argued, “If only its verses were made clear ˹in our language˺. What! A non-Arabic revelation for an Arab audience!” Say, ˹O Prophet, ˺ “It is a guide and a healing to the believers. As for those who disbelieve, there is a deafness in their ears and blindness to it ˹in their hearts˺. It is as if they are being called from a faraway place.” (41:44)

Learn Arabic and gain the following merits:

  • Allah had chosen the Arabic language to be the language of His Holy book Quran, as well As the mother tongue of His seal prophet Muhammad. And this gave the Arabic language superiority over any other language. Also, its learners deserve the best reward as they are doing their best to understand Allah’s words.
  • Ibn Kathir emphasized that the Arabic language is the most eloquent in human history and the best in delivering meanings so it had been chosen to be the language of the Holy Quran.
  • Omar Ibn El Khattab said ” learn the Arabic language as it sharpens the mind and enhances nobility of the morals.
  • Abu Musa Ashaari wrote in a message to Muslims ” understand and study Sunnah, and dig deeper in the Arabic language as it is the language of the Holy Quran”
  • Abu Amr Ibn Alalaa who is one of the righteous predecessors (Al salaf alsaalih) said that the Arabic language is an integral part of Islam.

To conclude, the righteous predecessors used to say that the Arabic language gives a higher status for its learners. As well as it sharpens their minds. So don’t miss the chance to get to understand and master the Holy Quran through learning the Arabic language.

If you’d like help with your journey to learn Arabic, check this link for more details



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