Why Arabic?

“Say: ‘If mankind and the jinns were together to produce the like of this Qur’an, they could not produce the like thereof, even if they helped one another’”

[al-Isra’ 17:88]

Why was the Quran written in this language? Why should I learn these connected letters with their weird signs above? And many more questions that can be summed up in:

“Why… Arabic?”

First question: “why Quran is written in Arabic”, there are many reasons for that and certainly we will never totally understand Allah’s wisdom which part of it may be hidden from us.

But in short, it is quite logical that if you want to prove anything to anyone you need two things: come with clear evidence + address them using their own language, given that if what you wanna prove is a matter of hidden belief which needs to be craved in minds and hearts, then your evidence should prove its inevitable divinity. . all of that can be presented by the word: “Miracle”.

Prophets’ miracles are events that:
1) Prove prophethood
2) Confirm their divinity
3) Adress people using their language

Thus, if prophet Muhammad wants to prove his prophethood, he should come with a miracle and this miracle must be something that people can understand and tell if it’s really from God or it’s a human-made. Added to that, he-prophet Muhammad- must follow divine words to guide people and clarify what Allah has enjoined. The divine words were Quran and Quran was Allah’s miracle, an Arabic miracle addressing Arabs in the Arabian Peninsula at a time when people were challenging each other with Arabic poems and articles, at a time when the Arabic language was a language of pride and showing off! Therefore, the miracle came by something people can comprehend, and obviously they -Arabs- can undoubtedly distinguish between these divine words and man-made ones.

Quran came in Arabic tongue challenging the most eloquent amongst Arabs to come with ten chapters like Quran and they failed, then at least come with one chapter and they failed again, knowing that the shortest chapter in Quran is only three verses! They couldn’t come with three Arabic verses of the same eloquence and clearance of the Quran .. not even close.

Shedding light on some virtues of this language, Arabic is the language that has remained the same without any change from 2000+ years ago unlike most of the languages nowadays that have experienced lots of changes through the past 400 years! Arabic is the richest language of vocabulary, the top inaccuracy, and exactly delivers the meaning. Nevertheless, the briefest Arabic sentence gives a clear, accurate, and rich meaning and the reason behind that is what each Arabic word carries of meanings/emotions/signs/pronouns or all.. a word in the Arabic language is really heavy. Here are two examples:
نُرتله = we recite it
(it here refers to the Quran)

فسيكفيكهم = and Allah will be sufficient for you against them

You can now throw a Question: “if Quran was a miracle for Arabs for their eloquence in Arabic, how can it be a miracle nowadays?”


1- (If the eloquent Arabs and those who were well versed in Arabic were unable to match it, then others are more unlikely to be able to do so. As we say, if the doctors are unable to raise the dead and heal those who were born blind and lepers (like Jesus’s miracles), people other than doctors are more unlikely to be able to do so; and if the sorcerers were unable to turn a stick into a snake (like Moses’s miracle), then people other than sorcerers are more unlikely to be able to do so.)

2- (The miracle in the Quran, may He be exalted, is not only in the wording, but also the meanings, the sequence of meanings, and the way in which ideas are presented. So the miracle and challenge for the Arabs have to do with the style, and for others, it has to do with the fact that no one among the speakers of any other language is able to come up with something similar to the Qur’an in any other language.)

3- Abu ‘Abdullah al-Qurtubi (may Allah have mercy on him) said -part of his words:

… The third aspect of the miraculous nature of the Qur’an is what it includes news of the future before any human even knew anything about it, and foretelling events before they happened. This is something that cannot be known except via the truthful ones who are conveying from Allah, may He be exalted. We will refer to events just to prove this point in brief, with no need for a lengthy discussion.

source: Islam Question and answer.

Consequently, we understand from this, that:

– Quran has other aspects to still be a miracle for nonarabs

– Arabic is the most suitable -i.e for Quran- and virtuous language

– Learning Arabic is the key to fully understand what the Quran carries of spontaneous, warm meanings

-The shortest way to perfectly understand the words of prophet Muhammad, is to learn Arabic; since the prophet was the top in eloquence and his Arabic statements were brief, clear, and flawless so why missing the joy of interacting with prophet Muhammad through his hadiths and words?

For people who can’t find anywhere to learn Arabic, don’t let that stop you, options are now a lot and sometimes easier like online courses and so.

Learning Arabic.. a way to Quran .. a way to prophet Muhammad

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